--August 9, 2006--

It was a warm night. I remember it well. I had just sat down in front of the laptop to read thru my email. While deleting the countless spam messages, I stumbled across an email from Toby Wrolson. Not immediately recognizing the name, I was just about to press the delete key when it hit me… TRAVELING TOBY! I couldn't believe it. Could it be true?? Was Toby finally going to grace me with his honored presence? Yes indeed!

--August 10, 2006--

Imagine my delight to come home from work to see this box on my front porch. He was here, just waiting to start his adventure. The first thing I did after unpacking him was to examine all the signatures, and try to figure out where I was going to leave my mark. My 2 year old was most intrigued by this "thing" that was sitting on our dining room table. In his typical fashion, he inquired, "whazzat dada"?? After a lengthy explanation of who it was, he simply replied, "ok" and toddled off. My seven year old simply said, "Oh my gosh! You are so weird, dad". My wife of course just rolled her eyes and gave the old, "Talk to the hand, 'cause the head isn't listening" wave.

Toby on Dining Room Table

--August 11, 2006--

Much to my dismay, I received some really bad news. A contractor we had at the house called to tell me that I had some serious problems with my sewer line. Bottom line, now many thousands of dollars deeper in debt, I could no longer afford to take Toby to the places I would have liked. What to do…

--August 12, 2006--

Despite the bad circumstances, we already had tickets for a minor league baseball game, so we headed off to watch a Washington Wild Things game. Toby insisted on going along for the ride. Unfortunately, he wasn't allowed into the ballpark. So I thought I would get a couple pics outside. Wouldn't you know it, just when I was getting ready to take some great shots, the batteries in my camera died! UGGHHH!!! (Wormy T would be SO disappointed in me!)

Toby with Boris

Back at home and with a fresh set of batteries, I thought I would take a couple photos of Toby with my current project, the 7' tall grave digger, Boris. Most of the pics didn't turn out, but here is one that is pretty clear.

Toby with Boris

--August 14, 2006--

Now, what to do with the rest of our last day? I decided to make the best of the bad situation I was in and have Toby pose for everyone with the big machinery that was littering my property with debris. Here is Toby with the backhoe that dug up my driveway to get at the sewer line.

Toby on backhoe

And here he is with the backhoe that was digging the footer for my new addition.

Toby on other backhoe

Toby coulnd't help but feel right at home.

Toby in trench

After that, we packed him up and sent him on to his next destination. We had a great time hosting him. Thanks to everyone involved for giving us the opportunity to share in the adventure, even if it wasn't as adventurous as we had hoped.


Additional Toby photos can be found HERE. They didn't really fit into the story, but I like them none the less. :-)